Hurrah hurrah – finally our first MENSWEAR products are available.

Check it out here.

We only produced 10 pieces and will offer you a 10% discount from 6th of December 2022 – 31th of December 2022.

So rather be quick and get one of the first 


Within the next weeks we will add more MEN items – just stay tuned.

Best wishes, Miriam

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Dear Friends and Customers,

We are now one year in business and things have been running pretty well for us.

 Thanks for your support and trust. It has helped mvdham to make its first steps and get a little bit more stable in this huge and unstable world of fashion.

The challenges of today are great. Everybody tells that it’s not the best time to open a business. I always answer to this, that it is challenging but also great because as a starting up business it is possible to adapt to new situations very quickly compared to big and established players. That means that this time is truly challenging but also full of chances, and it is definitely moving (us).

Last year, the prices of our fabrics have gone up 20%. We stand for MADE IN GERMANY, and we want to go the journey with our factory in Saxony, but also them – they had to raise their prices around 15%. Then our push button supplier, the zip supplier, the printing company and so on… All of them reacted to the global situation we are facing at the moment.

So far, we have been selling our products with small margins because we want to reach our customers and make our product accessible to more people than just a few rich ones.

But now – after all our suppliers have been raising their prices, we cannot shut our eyes and ears any more – unfortunately, we will also have to raise our prices to be able to survive. I know, it is incredibly tough for us – for us all.

But – there is a little good news about it:

We will change the prices not before the 1st of January 2023. Until then, you can shop your favourite item and pay the “old price”.

And there is second good news about it:

We are developing now our spring collection 2023, and we focus on materials and fabrics which are sourced locally, which are sustainable and also functional but especially more affordable.

So let’s stay tuned and alert. Good things will happen soon.

Best wishes, Miriam



mvdham is an ISPO Brandnew Winner 2020